The Room Integrity Test carried out in the protected enclosure to ensure the effectiveness of its installation, obtaining full assurance that it will not fail due to leaks. To perform these tests, we has the best equipment on the market and our engineer has the appropriate accreditation certificates.

In terms of project design, one of the key points is to look for possible openings through which extinguishing gas may leak. Open areas must be closed and, if not possible, these openings must be kept to a minimum to prevent agent leaking into adjacent spaces.

Upon completion of sealing a protected room, Integrity Room Systems performs a Room Integrity Fan Test to ensure the protected room will hold the agent for the required amount of time. NFPA 2001, Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems, requires that a minimum concentration of 85% of the adjusted minimum design concentration be held at the highest level of combustibles for a minimum period of 10 minutes.