INERT-SIEX™ clean agent systems are made up of gases found in the atmosphere and are therefore completely environmentally friendly. They work by completely flooding the room, reducing the oxygen content necessary for combustion, but at the same time ensuring adequate oxygen concentrations for use in occupied areas.

They can work at pressures up to 300 bar (4350psi), providing savings in the installation cost. We also have 200 bar (2900psi) systems, depending on the volume / concentration needs. Thanks to the use of calibrated restrictors which reduce the pressure, conventional schedule pipes can be used. This system is specifically designed for installations with longer distance pipe runs.

As is the case with our SIEX HC systems, INERT-SIEX™ systems use the full range of extinguishing agents. This makes it easier to fully adjust the design to the needs of our customers. The cylinders may contain: Argon (IG-01), 50% Argon and 50% Nitrogen (IG-55), Nitrogen (IG-100) and 52% nitrogen + 40% argon + 8% CO2 (IG-541). The different characteristics of the areas to be protected are analyzed in detail by our technicians to advise you on the most suitable type of extinguishing system and agent.

SIEX’s innovative equipment, with valves to regulate the outlet pressure, improves protection by regulating the discharge. The Constant Flow Technology System represents an evolution in inert gas systems.

The clean agent discharge is produced in a controlled manner according to the cylinder pressure in order to achieve better protection with a constant pressure during the entire discharge. The discharge pressure can be adapted to the pressure required for protection. Although the most common pressure is 60 bar (870psi), it is possible to adjust it as required for installation.

SIEX adapts all of its components to this new technology, unifying the system using exclusive design software and optimizing the design in each individual case. With this new technology the over-pressurization of the enclosure decreases and the pipe diameters are considerably reduced, which saves money throughout the entire installation. Its pneumatic activation mechanism offers greater safety compared with the existing competition on the market, making it stand out.

  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and greenhouse effect.
  • Allows long pipe runs.
  • Suitable for occupied areas.
  • Excellent post-discharge visibility.
  • Very low cost refills.
  • Easy to obtain anywhere in the world.
  • Cost savings using selector valves.