When a fire breaks out, every second you gain before you start tackling the fire is invaluable because it could safe many lives. Addressable fire detection system has been designed so you are able to find your way quickly and respond in the right way, even in situations of stress. It can PIN-POINT the exact location of source of fire breaks out.

As each detector has an individual 'address' the fire alarm control panel is able to display / indicate the precise location of the device in question, which obviously helps speed the location of an incident and for this reason 'zoning' of the system is not necessary, although it may be done for convenience.

Addressable detectors are each 'intelligent' devices which are capable of reporting far more than just fire or fault conditions; for example, most detectors are able to signal if contamination within the device (dust, etc,) reaches a pre-set level enabling maintenance to take place prior to problems being experienced.

Addressable detectors are also able to provide pre-alarm warnings when smoke / heat levels reach a pre-set level, enabling investigation of the fire to take place prior to a full evacuation alarm and Fire Brigade signaling taking place.

Good planning prior installation, material and workmanship during installation play equal important roles of a good intelligent analogue addressable fire detection system. We have experience and factory trained / accredited engineer dedicated for each of your Addressable fire detection system project needs.

Addressable Fire Detection and Control system can be very small, simple &straight forward system but it capability does not limit to just fire detection only, it can expandable to monitor the whole building fire system condition, integration with third party system via Low Level contact or High Level interfacing with option of MODBUS, OPC or BACNET protocol. It also able to integrate third party detection system like HSSD, ASD or Linear Heat Detector, Clean Agent Gases Fire Suppression, Pre-Action Sprinkler system and etc…


The ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector consists of one or two independent sampling pipes, each having one or more sampling apertures and a sampling chamber. The air of the space being monitored is sucked in for precise analysis by the scattered-light smoke detector located in the sampling chamber. If it detects smoke particles beyond a preset threshold, it triggers an immediate alarm, allowing the fire brigade to deal with the fire before it has time to break out.

More performance, more precision, more coverage The ASD 535 incorporates the most powerful fan on the market, which means that larger areas than ever can now be monitored. Moreover, the new HD (High Dynamic) technology with which the smoke sensor is equipped represents a step change in detection accuracy. Its alarm sensitivity can be fine-tuned to the specific circumstances and hazard potential of the area being monitored. During commissioning, the auto-learning function adapts the system to the ambient conditions, and because impurities such as dust are efficiently filtered out, false alarms are a thing of the past.

Applications where the ASD 535 ensures maximum safety The ASD 535 is ultra-sensitive, quiet and unobtrusive - qualities that make it perfect for a wide variety of applications:

Space monitoring: high-rack warehouses and distribution centers, archive rooms, intermediate ceilings and raised floors, large halls, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, cultural artefact collections, historical buildings, airports, information technology and computer centres, telecommunication centers, laboratory and research centers, electronic measuring rooms, transformer rooms, clean rooms

Property monitoring: telecommunication facilities, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, display cases, IT installations, electricity distribution cabinets, CNC control systems

Concealed applications: protection of cultural assets, prison cells, aesthetically sensitive architecture



SIEX TK COMPLEX has a dual function autonomous detection. This mechanical-thermal activation system provides a large area of protection since it makes it possible to install several detection lines in a single mechanism.

The equipment can be configured to fulfill two separate functions:

  • Independent system - each line is operated individually.
  • Cross system - both lines work in coordination for a double check.
It is ideal when the installation of an electronic detection is not possible, or when the hazard is completely isolated. However, the main function for which it is designed is to be installed as a detection supplement in protection systems where there is a high risk of power failure or explosion, inboth of which cases the electrical components would fail.

SIEX-KP COMPLEX is a stand-alone and reliable system that guarantees detection of fire without the need for electricity. It adapts to any circumstance and provides greater safety, ensuring extinguishment before any hardship.


The SecuriSens LIST sensor cables contain highly sensitive addressed sensors whose response behaviour can be programmed individually. The sensor spacing in the cable can also be selected. The sensor resolution is 0.1 °C, which allows for extremely precise evaluations to be made. It is even possible to specify different detection areas with independent alarm thresholds and individual pre-signal thresholds on each cable, thus allowing the system to localise the alarms with a uniquely high level of precision.

Extremely robust, cost-effective and user-friendly

SecuriSens LIST can be used at a temperature range of between -55 °C and (briefly) +200 °C. Thanks to their EMC shielding, flame-retardant outer sheathing and integrated strain relief, the cables are immune to interference factors and are extremely durable. Installation, programming and commissioning of the systems can all be made easily. SecuriSens LIST visualises the temperature values and events on the cable terminal processor or PC, and also offers interfaces to superordinate systems.

SecuriSens LIST – the benefits:

  • Precise localisation of the alarm
  • Quickest possible alarm transmission thanks to highly sensitive sensors
  • Individual alarm threshold can be configured for each detection area
  • False-alarm-proof
  • Simple installation, no maintenance required
  • VdS approval in compliance with EN 54-5 / EN 54-22, Class A1

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